Press Room

   Bling My Boots pressmaterial fall 2008.
      Here is
            The fall 2008 folder
            The Pressrelease from the launch 14 aug 2008
            Product Pictures in high resolution
            The Bling My Boots Logo - (Registred Trademark)

  Ny modeasseccoar - Press release 15 aug

  Bling My Boots Affiisher Fall 2008

  Bling My Boots Folder Fall 2008

  Bling My Boots Logo

  Bling My Boots Logo White Small

  Silver Riverts

  Silver Buckle


  Soft Band

  Black Fuzz

  Black Bow

  Black Crystal

  Black Zipper

  Black Fringes

  Red Fuzz

  Black Fringes on Ash

  Black Fringes on High Boot


   Black Crystal On High Boot

  Black Bow On Ash

  Black Bow On Converse

  Black Crystal On Ash

  Black Fuzz On Ash

  Black Star Band On Ash

  Black Soft Band On Ash

  Black Zipper On Ash



  Metal Beads On Ash

  Metal Beads On High Boot

  Red Fuzz On Ash

  Red Fuzz On High Boot

  Riverts and Co

  Silver Buckle On Ash

  Silver Riverts On Ash